Retirement Planning: Why Gen Xers Must Understand Marketing

Corey Koehler
5 min readDec 19, 2023

Let’s talk about marketing and why it is THE most important skill for you to have in your offensive retirement portfolio.

It all starts with a quote I overheard on a podcast…

“We are all just storytellers and toolmakers.”

It made me look at the meaning of work in a whole new light.

It’s more than just a catchy sentence; it’s a new lens through which to view the meaning of work. It’s about the essence of being of service to others and finding ways to make a living from it.

Here’s why this matters, especially in the context of marketing.

We = Modern Storytellers and Toolmakers

Understanding that we are storytellers and toolmakers gives our work purpose and meaning.

  1. We encounter problems
  2. Then, we build or use tools to help us solve those problems.
  3. And then tell stories about how we solved those problems to help others.

This process is at the heart of marketing. But to get paid for it, you’ve got to be able to communicate your value effectively.

And THAT is where marketing comes in.

The Role of Marketing



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