Hey Musicians! Here’s How To Amplify Your Email Marketing

Corey Koehler
4 min readNov 9, 2015

Here’s the deal:

Next to live performances and things like meet and greets, email marketing should be at the top of the list if you are looking to build quality relationships with fans and give them a better taste of what you are all about.

Here’s a few tips on how you can give your email marketing a more personal feel and start to see a better response from fans.

Here are those tips:

Tip #1: Reply to Every New Subscriber

For the past couple years I have been replying to every person who subscribes to my list. It takes a little extra time but it is totally worth it.

Not everyone replies back but the ones that do often are very appreciative and surprised that they are talking to the actual songwriter. It gets the conversation started and I can honestly say that I’ve actually become friends with some of my fans because of it. That is a win, win in my book.

Here’s the message I reply with every time I get a new subscriber:

[first name],

Just wanted to personally thank you for grabbing my free songs. I really appreciate it.I hope you are digging the songs.

And just so you know, if you have any question or comments, I’m right here.

Have a good one,

Corey Koehler

P.S. You can hear ALL of my songs here…www.getmymusic.com

Pretty simple and straight forward.

I usually wait about 24 hours to reply just so they get a chance to check out the free music I sent in the first email plus I do not want to bombard them with a bunch of emails on there first day.

Also, to show increase the believability that it is actually me sending the message, I use a subject line that includes something specific to the time of the day I’m replying. Something like Good Afternoon, Good Evening, Happy Monday Morning, or whatever.

Bonus Tip: To save some time, make a template of the message so you don’t have to tpe it out every time. If you use Gmail you can use a feature called canned response. I am pretty sure other email clients like Outlook or Yahoo have a similar feature.

Tip #2: Connect with New Subscribers on Social Networks

Having multiple points of contact is great for increasing the odds that you, your tunes and your message remain top of mind in a sea of information.

Also, creating and nurturing a large network of people on various social networks can really help spread the good word.

You can just reach out to fan out in social media one by one.

You could send out an email with your social media links and ask them to connect with you.

OR you could use a bad ass tool to help you.

If you use Gmail, there are a few great browser apps you could use to add new fans right from your email inbox. The apps are Rapportive and Vibe App for Chrome. (I’ve used both but currently use Vibe)

These apps recognize an email address and then searches the internet to find any social media profiles that the person attached to that address has (like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn, etc).

It gives you a glimpse of their profiles so you can even learn a little bit about the person you’re replying too.

You can also follow, friend and connect with that person right from your inbox.

Very handy!

I’ve used this tool to build a pretty good network of friends, fans and industry contacts on sites like LinkedIn, Google Plus, Twitter and Facebook.

Bonus Tip 2 (its your lucky day!): For more personability (is that a word? If not I think you know what I mean) you could even tailor your reply based on the what you learn profile information on display. For instance, if their Twitter profile mentions that they love Daft Punk or Neoclassical Lego Sculpture, and you happen to like one of them too, BAM!, you have something in common and the odds that a deliciously geeking chat on a mutual favorite could be at hand.

Go Forth and Multiply

So there you have it. To get the most out of your email sign-ups, send a personal reply to your new subscribers.

To get even more mileage out of these interactions, sign up for Rapportive or Vibeand invite them to connect on your social media sites.

These small interactions will increase the chances that you create a fan and/or friend for life.

Your turn

What do you think? Do you do something like this already and have a few tips of your own? Let me know in the comments below.

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